About Me


From a young age drawing and designing was my thing. The earliest picture I have is a drawing of an Eye that was done when I was 4 it had all the details with lashes, iris, even the light bouncing of the lens, obviously from the start it was all in the details. Every year was taken up with it from sketches, to airbrush, sculpting, and woodwork there was no limit. I also enjoyed taking electronics and mechanical stuff apart to find out how it all worked.

The love of the low end did not become apparent till I was in year 12 1999 when I bought Tools Ænima and Primus Pork soda on the suggestion of a mate and was just so engaged with the tone of the bass. By the time I had finished school I had a bass and was off and running on another path.

It was in the early part of 2004 when I met the late Alan Reily of The Bass Shop that my interest in bass repairing began. little did I know this is where my journey would start into luthiery and the world of custom-made instruments. By 06 I was working there as an apprentice for Alans wife Susan Reily. With head repairer Dave Ellis, and under the tutelage of Melbourne luthier Ben Puglisi and Neil Brawley, who is a great repairer and member of the SSO until 2019.

By 07 with some early help from Gerard Gilet I build my first instrument, a six-string bass (it was awful but worked) and that was it, I was hooked. “I need to be better at this” was my first though. So I began on the next two basses, both seven string single cuts. By the second of those I had met some great luthiers like Jeff Mallia and Tom Konig who both gave me some fantastic practical solid advice.

One thing to learn about me is I will give credit where credit is due hence my name dropping.

The third bass was a success it played fantastically, and it felt like a real bass you would buy. Now, over time I have created range of designs homing in on the skills for each project each one better than the last, right down to the screws.

Through all I have learn’t my mission is clear to do the best work I can possibly do no matter what. All time and care is taken to give you a lifelong and personal instrument.  It will never be rushed, I keep going until I’m happy its right.


Richard J Greenup

Owner, Luthier