I have spent years perfecting this part of the builds, after all this is the engine room where the tones are shaped boosted and cut. with access to many of the great pre-amp makers of the world we can select the best combination of pickup and pre to suit whatever taste you are after. A friend once told me “why would you put a Camry motor in a Ferrari” By this very statement I apply the same detail to the inside as to the outside, I run a proper harness in which only the best parts are used. All solder joints are secured with heat shrink to their connections. And this is all seated in high quality conductive nickel paint.

Some Of the choices






Custom Knobs

All wiring jobs in the custom range are topped of with hand made knobs, which are either made in house or through my good friend at Devin at D-Cline Designs. My thought is to look at the over all design of the bass and plan the knobs to suit however if you have something particular in mind this can also be worked into the build.


From the Fatness of a P pickup to the full dynamics of a dual coil, pickup choice is varied and personal to the tone you want. As with the internal electronics the pickups, in combination with a good pre-amp, are equally as important. Matching the right parts together will be the difference between hearing the woods tones and mud. In most cases (in particular Nordstarnd) I order my pickups with custom spacing’s so the magnets are directly underneath the string placing them in the centre of the magnetic field thus avoiding odd frequency’s and imbalance.

Some of the pickup choices