Inlay Work


Inlay is the art of cutting various materials like shell, metals, stone, glass, and acrylic and making pictures or patterns with these materials. This is traced onto a surface like wood, then its carefully routed and set into place. Once flush the wood is like a background creating depth and dimension.

Inlay art is one of my strongest passions as it allows me to combine my skills in drawing, design, and fine hand work all in one. Every piece is hand selected for its reflective qualities or design aesthetic. From drawing to cutting and install, inlay is its own special art form which when applied to an instrument brings a real personal touch making each instrument truly custom. Works could be a significant date, name, something small on the 12th all the way to the highly ornate and elaborate works you can see on some of my instruments.

As with anything we make in the shop I will spend some time with you working through sketches and colour schemes to come up with the final design. You are always part of the builds from planning to finishing stages. Inlay is an intense process and can add some time to the build length depending on complexity. Every job is quoted individually and added to the build price.


The Tribal Jazz

A totally original concept piece made up of multiple pieces of Acrylic faux stone with a stunning MOP central circle. The honey coloured Pau Ferro fingerboard really makes the blues and greens pop.

The Koi

This was one of the first commissions I did. The perfectly black African Ebony fingerboard was the perfect backdrop for this work. Large pieces of almost quilted MOP set amongst Faux turquoise stone. The body of the fish was made from a stone similar to Zebra Jasper.

Zion 2019

Polished Lava flow acrylic Ovals set into a black African Ebony fingerboard. The ovals increase in size as they move up the board from the smallest to the largest. This follows the wedge shape of the neck giving balance and symmetry.