Below is a run down of our pricing, after our consultation we will have a complete fixed quote which may differ slightly from what you see here. At this time I’m only using FedEx for international shipping due to the Covid19 delays via other services. Prices are subject to change without notice due to fluctuations in the dollar.

All prices are in Australian dollars


Behemoth Fusion
4 string $4,975.00 5 string $5,530.00
6 sring $6,015.00
Fluidity 7 string $7,135.00
5 string $4,625.00
6 string $5,449.00 Arcturus
7 string $6,485.00 6 string $6,232.00
7 string $7,355.00
4 string $4,275.00 Original concept
5 string $4,625.00 from $3,500.00
6 string $5,047.00


The above prices are for the build including standard hipshot hardware and does not include the pickups pre amp or custom options.

Woods are subject to availability which changes quite often. I’m happy to answer any questions in the consult about particular species listed or not listed. I can get some rosewood but only for AU customers, rosewood cannot be shipped internationally.


Standard tops Upgrades
Tops, backs and Caps
Redwood $0.00 Buckeye Burl $750.00
Taz Black wood $0.00 Myrtle Burl $450.00
Walnut $0.00 Macassar ebony $665.00
Black Limba $0.00 Rosewood Quote
Flame Maple $0.00 Holly Quote
Olive $0.00 Pale Moon Ebony Quote
Zirecote Quote
Other species Quote
Body woods
Standard Ash $140 Korina (Black limba) $165.00
Alder $140 Korina (white limba) $165.00
Maple $155 Walnut $155.00
Paduk $110.00
Swamp ash $145.00
Macassar Ebony $75 Zirecote $105.00
Pau Ferro $75 African Ebony $110.00
Rocklite Sandri $0.00 Blood wood $95.00
Rocklite Ebony $0.00 Pale moon Quote
Birdseye maple, includes finishing $550.00
Other Quote
Standard Dots $0.00 Blocks $330.00
Ovals at 12th and 24th $95 Ascending Ovals $440.00
Logo $0.00 Custom Design Quote
1 Colour Fibre optics $785.00 Matching Wood P/up shells $360
5 Colour Fibre optics $815.00 Wood Electronics cover $110
Stainless Steel frets Quote Ramp $75
RJSC Knob set Quote High Gloss finish $1500
Bags, Straps & cases
RB Continental $0.00 Gruv Gear Gigblade $379.00
Leather Strap 2.5″ $0.00 SKB (Nexus Behemoth) $600.00
Custom Case Quote
Custom strap Quote


So you have been through the website and you have a plan, lets chat…

I offer a consultation where we go through your plan and we gather all the information on the build. That gives me a clear view of what the build will be. You get to ask the questions that you have. Contact me via email to arrange a time.

If you wish to proceed a non refundable $390 fee is taken to create your quote and or renderings, this will also hold your place in the build schedule.

Once your space becomes available we will send you an email asking if you wish to proceed. We take a 45% deposit on the total quote, and final payment on completion. The $390 holding deposit is deducted from the final total.

All payments throughout the build are non refundable. If balance is not made within 30 days from completion I reserve the right to sell the instrument to cover costs.

Payments can be made through credit card, PayPal, or direct deposit.