Arcturus MS


A Rjsc multiscale bass, Arcturus is based upon the fusion design with some body changes to suit the longer scale length. The Arcturus body is stretched out by 35mm beyond the scale to accommodate the 37” low string without the hardware hanging of the end of the body. The upper horn is pulled forward to meet the shorter high string. Being a multi scale and a single cut means for a focused low end and as well as having clear articulate highs.

The Arcturus body styling has a wider waist. Thin C style neck provides full access to the fretboard and makes traversing the scale lengths a breeze. The head stock is pitched down toward the high strings to follow the fans layout, which further enhances the balance in tension and tone across the strings.

Bass Pictures ‘Orpharion’

SC 2019 Bass

  • Arcturus MS
  • Fan fret 6 string neck through.
  • Single cut.
  • 37 – 33.5 scales.
  • Flamed Ash Body.
  • AAAA Buckeye top rear facings and caps.
  • West African Ebony fingerboard.
  • MOP Ovals at 12th and 24th fret.
  • 5 piece neck Flamed maple core, Paduk, Wenge.
  • Nordstrand DC custom spaced and pitched with matching ramp.
  • Darkglass Tone Capsule.
  • Hipshot Y3/8 Keys.
  • Hipshot triple lock saddles.
  • D Cline Buckeye bell knobs mop marker.
  • Natural Acrylic finish.
  • Dunlop Inset straplocks.

Arcturus contains a solid body core and 1 piece of compression black dyed maple or flamed maple, capped with your choice of tops wood from Ebony to burls like Buckeye. For this model the top is book matched, as with the head stock cap and truss rod cover.


Arcturus is Available in 5,6 string versions

Standard Options

  • 5, 6 string Neck through open back
  • C shape neck
  • Two pultruded carbon neck rods
  • 2 way Truss rod 4mm hex key
  • Standard Scale lengths 37″ – 33.5″
  • Hipshot triple lock down saddles
  • Hipshot Y3/8 Ultralight tuners
  • Med/Med Nickel frets
  • Wider med waist
  • Straight or curved treble horn

Optional Extras

  • 8, 9 string (coming soon)
  • Set neck
  • Fretless Lined, unlined, or side markers
  • Mandolin Frets
  • Short scale 35” –  30.5”
  • Exotic tops
  • Tone Blocked
  • Inlay work
  • String extenders (Hipshot only)
  • Custom made Bridge

With any custom out of the workshop we will run through all the choices in woods, wood combinations, pickups and electronics to achieve the best overall tonal out come your after. Great pride is taken in each instrument I have made, you will see and hear this in the final result.

Current build time for this bass is

24 months