Fluidity Gen2


Fluidity is one of my early single cut designs that was kept as its one of the more ergonomic and smooth single cuts I have made. With a smaller body and thin D shaped neck fluidity makes for a light resonant instrument, with articulate and balanced tones. The body features completely curved, hand shaped, and blended edges which make comfortable experience under the hand and on the body. As with anything I make the basses mass is centred through the body so it wont neck or body dive.

Bass Pictured ‘The Rose’

6 string NT 2012

    • Fluidity Model
    • 6 string Neck through 5 piece with graduated wings
    • Single cut
    • 34″scale.
    • 50 year old Maple body.
    • Indian rose wood top and back.
    • Gabon Ebony fingerboard.
    • Paua shell Oval position markers.
    • Paua Shell side markers with blue LED illumination
    • Neck woods flame maple, rock maple, rosewood, and walnut core.
    • Nordstrand DC pickups with single coil parallel switching.
    • Delano M/S Sonar 3 band Pre amp with internal mid selection. in custom control cavitie
    • Hipshot ultralight tuners in mixed gold and black.
    • Hipshot Brass Bridge in mixed gold and black
    • Custom rosewood and flame maple knobs By Devin Cline.
    • Satin Acrylic finish

Fluidity contains a solid body core and 2 piece veneer capped with your choice of tops wood from Ebony to burls like Buckeye. For this model the top is book matched, as with the head stock cap and truss rod cover.

With options extras like

  • LED side dots
  • Wood p/up shells and rear electronics cover.
  • Inlays
  • Exotic Tops
  • Stainless Steel frets

Fluidity Available in 5 6 7 string versions

Standard Options

  • 34′ scale length
  • 18mm spacings.
  • Med Nickel frets
  • 38mm body thickness
  • Hipshot A style bridge.
  • Hipshot Ultralight Tuners.
  • Narrow waist
  • Oval tail
  • Rounded arm curve
  • Paua or MOP Oval fingerboard markers
  • Dual Coils or Hum cancelling Singles
  • Custom knob set.

Optional Extras

  • 8 string
  • Set neck
  • Fretless Lined, unlined, or side markers
  • Stailess Steel Frets
  • 30″ 32″ 35″ scales
  • Exotic tops
  • Tone Blocked
  • Inlay work
  • String extenders (Hipshot only)

With any custom out of the workshop we will run through all the choices in woods, wood combinations, pickups and electronics to achieve the best overall tonal out come your after. Great pride is taken in each instrument I have made, you will see and hear this in the final result.

Current build time for this bass is

18 + months