Original Concept


Over the years many customers have come to me for something different, unusual, a bass they would like to have their hands in creating. The OC is designed to be this very idea. It is something that you can only get through a small selection of other makers. So, I started to create a fully customisable project instrument that can be done any way you like unlimited by your imagination.

Through this build I will help you to understand what can be done and how to bring it to life whilst still having the balance and playability of the other customs I make. This process is in depth and rewarding, it will give you a deeper understand on design and the application of that design to a physical instrument. Also, along the way I hope to give you an appreciation as to what goes into a making an instrument from scratch.

OC includes the following


Complete drawing and template set

Endless pickup and pre options

Standard or custom-made parts

Body design or alteration

Any string type from 2 – 12

Web site blog so you can follow the build

Custom Case for unusual shapes

Build certificate


Gemini 2 string slide bass

No 0019 Completed 2017

  • 2 string neck through.
  • Single cut.
  • 30″scale.
  • Alsder body.
  • Flamed Walnut top and headstock cap.
  • Ebony fret board.
  • MOP ovals at 12 and 24.
  • 1 piece neck Flamed maple.
  • Nordstrand custom big man.
  • passive Vol Tone.
  • 2 Hishot Xtender Keys.
  • Custom ebony bridge
  • Walnut over Elk horn knobs By Devin Cline.
  • Natural Acrylic finish.
  • Schaller strap locks.

5 String ‘Anubis’ DC

No 0024 Completed 2019

  • 5 string neck through.
  • Double Cut Original Concept.
  • 34″ scale.
  • Flamed Ash Body with paduk, Wenge laminates.
  • Zirecote laminate tops.
  • Bloodwood Fingerboard.
  • MOP Oval at 12th.
  • 5 piece neck Flamed maple, Paduk, Wenge.
  • Nordstrand DC series wound pickups.
  • Noll 4 band pre amd with Ricther headphone out.
  • Hipshot Y3/8 Keys mixed colour.
  • Hipshot A Style mixed colour bridge.
  • D Cline Wenge maple paduk Knobs.
  • Natural Acrylic finish.
  • Schaller Strap locks.

Quilted Maple 6 string DC

No 00 Completed 2015

  • 6 string neck through.
  • Double Cut, heavily altered Nexus body
  • 34″scale.
  • Alder body.
  • AAAA Quilted Maple top, back and head stock.
  • Fretted Ebony fingerboard with blue side fibre optics.
  • Paua Oval fingerboard markers with central blue fibre optics.
  • 7 piece neck Flame maple Birdseye maple and Wenge stringers.
  • Nordstrand Dual coils with series, single coil, parallel switch on each.
  • Delano MSE 3 band 18v Pre amp with mid selection.
  • Hipshot mixed silver and black hardware.
  • Custom ebony maple bell knobs By Devin Cline.
  • Satin Acryllic
  • Schaller strap locks.

The OC is an intense process build as such I only take in a limited number of these per year. Minimum build time frame (depending on how complex it is) would be 20 months. I will never rush any bass I make; everyone is gone over many times before I will release it after all I need to be as satisfied as you will be.